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12 June 2009 @ 10:27 pm
Welcome to Dakota_Kstew!

The ultimate place for everything involving DakotaStew!
So if you love Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart, JOIN!

We have a few simple rules so check them out:

1. First off this is a place to fangirl over the EPICNESS of these two fierce girls, so NO bashing on either Dakota or Kristen will be allowed. Haters to the left or we will ban hammer your ass;)

2. POST POST POST! anything goes so long it relates to Kristen and Dakota and any of their projects together!

3. COMMENT! We want this community to be active and fun and that's up to you! So don't be shy and comment away!

4. OT posts are allowed but please keep it interactive! Also no personal posts please, we have our own journals for a reason.

5. Respect each other! We are all here to have fun so keep it civil and just love each other:)

6. If anyone encounters any problems, please page one of your mods:

Mandy (brandnewluv), Flor (myflower), Sophie (runawaycherie) or Vik (prettymagic)


Have fun guys!

Mandy, Flor, Sophie and Vik ♥